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Branson, Missouri is a really fun place. Lots of really good floor shows to see and things to do. It's a sit down and enjoy the entertainment kind of town.  There must be about 30 shows going on each day/night. Aside from the show on the Branson Belle (below) we also went to others in town including "Lost in the 50's" and "The Presley's Country Jubilee" which is three generations of performers that were one of the first shows there.    Oh, and don't forget to "Ride the Ducks" (below) while there!  You'll love it


Branson also has some beautiful places to see!


The Branson Bell is a true paddle wheel driven showboat almost 300 ft. long. You can go around Table Rock Lake for a dinner or luncheon and a great floor show that lasts most of the two+ hour cruise. Being designed with only dinner & floor-show in mind the three story seating and stage take up the entire boat.


Carol inspects the starboard rear paddle.


Three story seating for 500 and the huge stage


The floor-show on the Belle was very good. They had some really talented performers but we expected no less as Branson is ALL about shows of many kinds.


"Ride the Ducks" is a hoot!  They're old WW-II amphibious craft (modified, of course). First you tour Branson in it, then you go down to Table Rock Lake and hit the water at about 20mph. You are given yellow "quackers" to blow and you must blow them every time you pass another "Duck". 


Yep, it's a "Duck"


Our driver, who was also quite a cut-up...


We saw another Duck go down the ramp so fast into the water that the whole rear went under momentarily. Fortunately we stayed fairly dry...


Passing another "Duck" on the lake!

As fifty people blow their "quackers" at each other!


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