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Graceland, on the south side of Memphis, Tennessee, is an inspiring place. Some of the rooms seem decorated "gaudy" but you have to remember this place is frozen in 1978 when Elvis died. His big white fuzzy bed downstairs still has the 8-track player in the headboard. Memorabilia abounds here in every room.  The lighting is low in many rooms and they ask you to turn off flashes, so there were many pictures I unfortunately couldn't take.  They even have two of his private jets outside that you go through.  Private jets were very unusual for individuals to have in the 70's.


These are less than one-fifth the gold records lining the walls...


His gravesite, in back of the house, in between his mother and grand-mother (his dad on the far right), presents a solumn moment for those of us who were of his time.  These flower arrangements arrive daily from around the world and average 200 arrangements EVERY DAY.  The extra ones not used right at the grave site line the walkway as you leave there. Amazing, he's just as popular as ever, even after 35 years....


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