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In late summer we headed up I-5 to Grant's Pass, Oregon for a re-union with some old high school friends. Stan and Dorette, that live there, we had not seen in over 30 years. Dave and Sandee whom we had not seen in about 8 years, also met us there. We had a great time and these pictures document, chronologically, the trip. Also, since we are Thousand Trail members, we took the opportunity to camp in four of those preserves along the way that we hadn't been to before.


Passing by Shasta Lakes area and Mt. Shasta on the way up was a sight we hadn't seen for 25 years. Finally we arrived at Stan and Dorette's house in Grant's Pass. Their house is very pretty and nestled back off the road amongst the pine trees.


While in Grant's Pass we took a jet boat trip down the Rogue River. That's us filling up the front row. It was a blast, and along the way the pilot would sometimes get it up to high speed and either; cut the power, dropping the nose and soaking those behind us or, crank the wheel and spin us about 270 degrees, soaking us up front. At the far end of the trip we had an "all you can eat" rib and chicken dinner that was excellent.


We left Grant's Pass for the Oregon coast and a few days stay at a beach house that Stan & Dorette have access to in Brookings, just north of the Calif.-Oregon border. Along the way we visited a coastal redwood preserve that was really pretty.


The beach house in Brookings is a cozy little place, small but very adequate for weekends or vacations. It's up on the bluff to the right of the larger white house in the first picture. The Oregon coast is more rugged than the Southern coasts and has lots of driftwood and fun tide pools in some areas.


While at the beach house we took a trip on up the coast to some other really nice beaches.


These pictures are taken at South Jetty Thousand Trails (T.T.) campground just below Florence, Or. Both of the T.T.s that we stayed at in Oregon were very nice. We're looking forward to visiting the eight T.T.s that are in Washington. We've heard that they're every bit as nice as these.


On the way over from the coast to central Oregon we stayed at a Forest Service campground along the McKenzie River called "Paradise". And it certainly lived up to it's name. One of the nicest Forestry campgrounds we've been to. Rafters and Kayakers came floating by all the time.


Before leaving Oregon a re-visit to Crater Lake was in order. It had been 25 years since we had visited Crater Lake. It's definitely worth a day's tour. Just south of the park is Mazama campground. It is a great place to camp overnight while visiting the park.


Then it was back into Northern California. These pix were taken at two of the Thousand Trails, both less than 50 miles N.W. of Lake Tahoe. The first two are Lake of the Springs T.T. in the eastern foothills of the  Sierras. The other three are Snowflower T.T. just off I-80 about 30miles west of Tahoe.


Unfortunately it was then time to head for home.

It was another great trip.


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