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Texas is an interesting state.  The Eastern half is really pretty with lots of trees, while the Western half is pretty much desert.  Texans, at least most all we talked to, are very friendly and are also very proud of Texas.  They were ALL anxious to know if we were enjoying Texas, which we were, and that put a big smile on their faces. Bar-B-Q stands are EVERYWHERE and the ones we ordered from were super, be it pork or beef. They were as numerous as the espresso stands are in the Pacific N.W. 


We stayed in four of the six 1000 Trails campgrounds that are in Texas.  They were all very nice and it was great to be able to relax for a week at each one.  They are all either on or nearby very large lakes


Lake Whitney 1000 Trails about 100 miles south of Dallas.


Lodge at Lake Whitney


The amenities such as lodges and swimming pools were nice at all the 1000 Trails


Lake Tawakoni 1000 Trails


Paris, Texas - About 150 miles N.E. of Dallas. We stayed 5 days at our friends Becky & Bills. They moved there the year before to take care of his elderly dad and are busy fixing up the place inside and out.  Since Bill will inherit the house they are planning to stay there indefinitely. The house was built in about 1910 and is in great shape. The siding is a "bullet proof" cypress that is in as good a condition as new.


Bill's dad has an enormous collection of antiques, both furniture as well as china, figurines, etc. Cupboards full of 'em. He also has an antique coin collection that is about 100 lbs of coins most not even categorized yet...


The famous Paris, Texas Eiffel Tower with the cowboy hat on top.  The locals hate it and are embarrassed by it, but it has continued to be in numerous pictures, including mine!


Then we headed west to Lake Texoma 1000 Trails on the Texas-Oklahoma border. It's a huge lake that I'm sure has more shoreline than Lake Mead in Nevada. The lake runs for about 100 miles east/west and defines the border.


North/South Highway that bisects the lake. On the other side is Oklahoma.


For a day trip we crossed into Oklahoma about 40 miles to Tishamingo where there was to be a parade and other events.  It was all part of the annual pow-wow for the Chicasaw Indian Nation which makes up about half the town.  We were surprised as the parade had forty high-school bands from all around Texas and Oklahoma. There was also a giant flea market open in town too. In addition we got to watch a re-enactment of a late 1800's bank robbery that was carried out by a number of women in the town.  The original bank still stands (see below)


Re-enactment of the 1800's bank robbery and ensuing gun fight and subsequent jailing of the women that robbed the bank!


Some of the women that portrayed the women bank robbers.  Yes, the women were dressed like this during the bank robbery!


The bank still stands at a main intersection in town.  The re-enactment also took place right in front.


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