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NOTE: Since this page was made in 1999 we've been to over 40 of the Thousand Trails in the 12 years that we've now been members.  Including 3 in Oregon, 8 in Washington, 5 in Texas, 2 in Tennessee, the many in California, plus some others.  They have ALL been really nice, some obviously nicer than others, but that is to be expected as they each have their own "personalities".  I will not add to this sampling of pictures since it would require hundreds more pictures to show a sampling of all the campgrounds.  Suffice it to say that we are very happy with the Thousand Trail membership campground system and spend a great deal of time in it.....


Wilderness Lakes


Wilderness Lakes is our "home" park. It's only 75 miles away near Sun City and we go there a lot as a quick get-away for several weeks at a time. The canals that run through it are regularly stocked with catfish. This has been a good "kick-back" place for us when not on a long trip...


My 12 pound catfish


Pio Pico - San Diego


Just a few miles from Jamal, 20miles S.E. of San Diego, Pio Pico is very nice. All the San Diego attractions such as Old Town, Balboa Park, and Coronado Island are close by. Balboa Park has the Aerospace center, the famous San Diego Zoo, and various museums.




Pool and jacuzzi area


Our Campsite


"Old Town" bazaar




This T.T. preserve is high in the San Jacinto mountains at 7000 feet.  It's surrounded by thick forest and obviously is for summer use only.


Verde Valley - Arizona


This T.T. is near Cottonwood & Sedona Arizona. It's one of the nicest Thousand Trails in the Southwest. The Verde river runs alongside it. The town of Sedona is only 15 miles away and is a great tourest attraction.


Main Lodge and camping areas


Adult Lodge and Pool / jacuzzi area


Carol enjoying the jacuzzi


Typical canyon area


Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well sites


Lake of the Springs - Western Sierra Foothills


This 950-acre T.T. campground is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains on the fringe of the Sacramento Valley.




Boat docks on the lake


Family Lodge


The lake


Some of the grounds at Lake of the Springs


CRA - Havasu City, Arizona & CRA Emerald Cove


Although not a Thousand Trail, these are two of five CRA campgrounds along the Colorado River that we are also a member of.  Three of the CRA's have river access for "water toys".  The Havasu City one does not but is a favorite snowbird site and is only 2 miles from Havasu City and London Bridge.  Emerald Cove is where you bring the water toys...


London Bridge


Paddle boat ride on Lake Havasu


CRA - Emerald Cove - water toys galore!


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Natchez Trace - Tennessee

Natchez Trace 1000 Trails is about 100 miles west of Nashville, Tennessee.  It is near the top, and gets it’s name from, the old civil war route which General Sherman took on his infamous “march to the sea” (Gulf of Mexico).  The Trace today is a narrow beautiful highway that generally follows the original Trace south.  It’s a very pretty and spread-out 1000 Trails campground.